Monday, November 24, 2008

Reader`s Response #1

Well i am reading a book at home that is called ``Teenage Love" and the ending of the book was good ending because it was about Teenage girls and boys having problems with their boyfriends or girlfriends. It also has poems and different teens telling about their love life and it becomes ``Trouble". Well, as i was saying the end of this book was very interesting to me because all these teenagers learned a lesson. each and everyone of them learned different lessens. As i read this book it reminds me of what other teenage girls go throught in the world and not only teenages but also women. My favorite character in this book was Tanisha because she didnt not take no excuse from her boyfriend she was real she play no games with Mark. Mark lied to Tanisha and told her that he had a good job he going to school (when he was really selling drugs in a abandon bulidings) and when he told her he was going to school he was with his other grilfriends or as she called them ``chickenheads". When Tanisha found out she told him off and got out of his life.
This book was very inspiring for young women.

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