Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My introducation to my story...A Young Latina From The Hood By Solleeann Sollivan

I been through a lot through out the year with my family, friends and especially enemy's. I seen and done many things. Things you could not even imagine, when it comes to robbery, shooting at people and people shooting at me and being in jail and teen pregnancy and selling drugs and even seeing people die right in front of me and almost losing my mother. Trust me i been there.
It is not easy being me. My name is..Well, just call me Lumi I am 15 years old, Yes i know very young for all of these things but there are reasons for all of these things. I make very dangerous sacrifices for my family, some people think ``She have her brother, sister and mother why does she do all this, she does it cause she want to.`` No. It not cause i want to it cause my family needs me, my mother needs me. People judge me only based on how my life is outside but what they do not see is what happens on the inside. The inside of me is almost broken in to pieces and i say almost, because even though i been through all of these terrible things i am still young and i know i can turn my life around.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anne Frank ``The Diary Of A Young Girl"

So, far i have read up to page 13 by the end of the day i need to be at page 25 which i will be because my group needs to be at page 71 by the end of the week. I like what i am reading so far at first when i started i said i did not like the book but i knew i was going to lead up to it. I do very much like this book and there is a lot of supriseing things i read so far.
A boy name Harry likes Anne but he used to go out with a girl name Fanny but he broke up with her because he felt they was not right for each other. Harry`s grandparents really don`t agree with the fact that Anne and Harry is together because they feel that Anne is to young for Harry but Harry really likes Anne and do not care what his grandparents really think. Well, where i left off was at when Harry goes to see Anne and they walk around with each other and he doesn`t bring her home into 10 o clock and Anne`s father got a little mad because It was very dangeres for Jews to be out no later then 8 o clock. Well i am finish writing for now back to my reading... I will be sure to tell everyone about this amazing book i am reading in Ms. Johns class.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anne Frank book club responce.

I am reading the book ``The dairy of a young girl" By Anne Frank for this unit. As i started this book i don`t find it very interesting. read four pages so far and i find it kind of boring. She has no excitement in the story. Hopefully as i keep on reading the book i will become interested in it. I don`t really know how i can connect to Anne Frank so far maybe as i keep on reading i can find something i can connect to her. The only thing i can connected with her is i go to school and she go to school. I dat boys and she date boys (lol:D). I will keep you posted of i like the book!!