Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teenage abortions

Many young and even older women have abortions these days. I don't really agree on it but in someways I do. Some people have different perspectives on that, people may think it is not right to kill your baby and hurt a life that could live and some thinks that it good that we have it because when it comes to teen pregnacy or you are not able to take care of your baby you can have an abortion instead of bring a life in this world that you can not take care of.
I have a friend that was 13 years old and came out pregnant and she had an abortion. When she told me how everything happen and how she felt i wounder to myself like wow i would not want to go through anything like that. I think if i would tell this document it would inspire teenage girls that have been through it and if you do plan to become sexual active uses protection.

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