Thursday, December 11, 2008

"To My Parents: What I've Learned so far in ELA."

Dear, Mommy

My biggest accomplishment in E.L.A this year so far is my published writing pieces. I really learned a lot about the compare and contrast unit with the presidents. In this unit we did research online about the candidates. I also really liked the unit we are doing now which is ``Killing a Mockingbird". In this unit we are reading a book as a class and doing a page about it online. The pass couple of months has not been a good start for me but i know i can and i will do my best to go to high school and come to school more often and keep up my good work cause i know i am a good student i just got to be in school more and catch up. Therefore, my biggest goal of the rest of the year is to accomplish more in school and COME TO SCHOOL!
Reading and writing is important to me in the future because in any job i get i need to know all of that stuff to get a good job.

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