Monday, December 15, 2008

"Test Prep Action Plan"

My goal for test prep is two do my best do all the strategies that Ms.Johns had taught us like RAFT, Listening and etc. Also my goal is two pass and get at least a 3. What i am going to do to meet these goals are to study hard and stay after school if i need help from Ms.Johns and i am going to do a lot of reading at home. On test day i will read the story careful and the questions that they ask about the story and take my time and understand the story i will not go through the story and just put any answer for it like some kids do. Question that might be on the test is questions like `` who is telling the story?" or like ``what does (whatever word) mean? and etc. If any question i don`t understand is hard for me i will go back to the story and read it again.


Coraima said...

Solleeann your blog is great. I really enjoyed the way that you actually gave some examples of questions that could actually be on the 8th grade test. You are going to do great on the test. Don't stress out about it to much because you don't want to freak out on test day. Good Luck. Great Job.

mr. ackerman said...

How did you think you did on the test?