Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bronx Masquerade poetry responce

Tyrone is a very deep character. he beleave he has no future he says he might not make it to twenty one years old in the hood he lives in. He speaks about on how his father died at 31. he also says how his hood is dangers but it still his home. The poem that Tyrone wrote was called ``Attendence" and that poem he says that anywhere you go you can die in a second even though you didnt do anything wrong. if you go to McD`s you can get shot out of nowhere and he is also saying that we should make the hood a better place. The poetry makes me think like he is right on what he says because i done seen it happen people die for no reason of just get shot. Tyrone is is very truthful with his words. A word that can discribe Tyrone is he talks about the truth what really happens in the world so he is very truthful with his words.

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