Friday, February 6, 2009

Chankara Poem Responce

This poem explain how Chankara sister got beat up by her boyfriends a lot and used to come home in the middle of the night and try to hide her bruises from her. I think Chankara wrote this poem just to say that she would not want to go through that in life.The word that best describes how this poem is feeling is depressing and also it may could be grief because her sister went through a lot and now that Chankara`s boyfriend hit her and gave her a big bruise on her face. If it was me i will be very depressed to have a boyfriend like that and to look in the mirror to see a big black and blue thing on my face and to know how it happen. Chankara and her sister deserves better. Chankara does not want to go through what her sister is going through. I can not say i have a connection to them but i know many people who do it is very crazy to live like that with someone you really love but yet you are scared of them because they like putting there hands on you for whatever reason. When you really love someone it hard to let go but when they are putting their hands on you you should just say goodbye. I will not want to live like that at all. Love that involves hitting and punching is not love at all.

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