Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anne Frank ``The Diary Of A Young Girl"

So, far i have read up to page 13 by the end of the day i need to be at page 25 which i will be because my group needs to be at page 71 by the end of the week. I like what i am reading so far at first when i started i said i did not like the book but i knew i was going to lead up to it. I do very much like this book and there is a lot of supriseing things i read so far.
A boy name Harry likes Anne but he used to go out with a girl name Fanny but he broke up with her because he felt they was not right for each other. Harry`s grandparents really don`t agree with the fact that Anne and Harry is together because they feel that Anne is to young for Harry but Harry really likes Anne and do not care what his grandparents really think. Well, where i left off was at when Harry goes to see Anne and they walk around with each other and he doesn`t bring her home into 10 o clock and Anne`s father got a little mad because It was very dangeres for Jews to be out no later then 8 o clock. Well i am finish writing for now back to my reading... I will be sure to tell everyone about this amazing book i am reading in Ms. Johns class.

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