Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Documentaries) Diana

To make this documentary they had to get Diana and her sister to talk about there problem with HIV and they talked about how they got it what they feel about having it and Diana talked about why she talks about it so much and is not afride to talk about her situation. They where in there home talking about there problems just a regular day but they talked about what they are into and they where siting on there chair and laughing at her baby at the begging of the document. My favorite part was when Diana was crying and when she was talking about why she wants to put her situation out there and the reason for that was that way people can get educated about it and and she want to put it out there into they can find a cure for it. If i where to make this i would talk about one of my family members having it and how i feel about it growing up and knowing how how that person got it. Basecially i would talk about it in a way that girls my age can connect to because i know how it feel.

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